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Machine Servicing

 We do sewing machine repairs and tune ups! Industrial and Domestic! All brands!

All Tune Ups involve checking the tension, lubrication, and the stitches (only straight and zigzag). Please leave us a note for the mechanic if you have any special concerns about your machine!


Regular Tune Up - $45+tax*

Serger Tune Up - $60+tax*

Industrial Tune Up - $60 and up


(outcalls are available for industrial machines only. please call us to book an

            appointment for the mechanic to drop by)

(*Service charges for computerized machines are extra depending on the machine being serviced. Call in today to get a quote)

Parts are extra! we will notify you of any additional cost BEFORE we continue with any repair.

Please note: major repairs such as broken gears or parts may take longer to repair as parts may have to be shipped in as well as the labour time. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

We are not responsible for any machines left for more than 30 days after notification regarding completion of service has been given by phone or message.